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 The Petersburg Vikings and the Pocahontas County Warriors met on Viking Field with even records 1-1 and each had suffered one cancellation due to Covid issues.

 The faithful Viking announcer, Greg Foley began Friday evening’s game by informing the fans of the 13 flags flying on the field in honor of the recent 13 military men and women killed in Afghanistan.

 The PHS award winning band then played the National Anthem.

 September 10, 2021 - fans, cheerleaders, football players, great cool weather—perfect for football. What is missing? Oh, yes, the guys in black and white shirts – the officials. Just as the crowd thought the game was beginning the announcer blared “There are no officials present, the game cannot be played.” Fans stayed in the bleachers waiting expectantly for better news, only to hear the game was postponed until Saturday the 11th at 1 p.m. So a disappointed Petersburg crowd caravanned their way back home.

 Then there was Saturday, again fans, cheerleaders, football players, hot weather and now officials(a day late). It was a GO!

 William “Bumby” Van Meter kicked off and the game finally began - 18 hours late. About five minutes into the game Wildcat, Cole Day made the first touchdown and 

 After their first two games of the season were canceled due to the pandemic, the Petersburg High School Lady Vikings took to the court last week to face off against the Berkeley Springs Indians and the Tucker County Mountain Lions.

 In their opening game of the season, the varsity team fell to the Indians 3-1 while the junior varsity team picked up a 2-0 win.

 In the second game of the season, the varsity Vikings beat the Mountain Lions 3-0 and the junior varsity team won 2-0.

 The Vikings will next take on the Moorefield High School Yellow Jackets tonight in Petersburg before traveling on Thursday to take on the Union High School Tigers.

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