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Run to the hills.

Gary Wayne Shanholtz, 46, was charged with possessing methamphetamine and Oxycodone, a schedule II controlled substance.

The charges stem from an incident on June 20, when Grant County Sheriff B.W. Ours and West Virginia State Trooper Rohrbaugh traveled to a residence in Oak Haven Farms subdivision to execute a federal arrest warrant on a resident of the area. 

Tomasenia Ours

Tomasenia Ours represented Grant County as this year’s Belle at the 70th West Virginia Folk Festival last month in Glenville. 

Each county is represented by one West Virginian over the age of 70 who characterizes mountain heritage and stands out in her community. 

Grant County has participated in the festival since 1976, with Ours being the 55th Belle to represent the area.

The 260 Club
Terri Taylor, Joyce Cunningham, Debra Rexrode, Douglas Turner, Janet Feaster and Jerry Simmons attended the Grant County retirement banquet at Petersburg High School and were recognized for their years of service in the education field.

On June 11, the Grant County Board of Education and Pendleton Community Bank held a banquet to honor the retirement of 10 school employees. Overall, those retiring represented 260 years of combined service in the school system.

“Every person here plays such a important role in the lives of our students,” said superintendent Doug Lambert at the event. “From the bus driver who greets them in the morning, the lunch lady who feeds them their lunch, the teacher who reassures them with a smile, to the principal who is as encouraging as possible. You can never know the impact you have had on thousands of students.”

Those retiring this year are: Sharon Sindledecker, Carol Mongold, Joyce Cunningham, Jerry Simmons, Terry Lahman, Debra Rexrode, Janet Feaster, Terri Taylor, Mary Ann Barger and Douglas Turner.

The event also honored the Grant County Teacher of the Year, Kristen Virts.

Lambert said Virts had accepted a unique challenge in agreeing to teach a split grade class but had risen it.

“We are so proud of Kristen for her work here,” Lambert said. “She took on a difficult task and she has far exceeded what we could have asked from her.”

Also recognized was the county winner of the 12 Days of Christmas Food Drive.

Each school competed to see who could collect the most food for local organizations, with this year’s winner being Union Educational Complex.

Dr. Allan Kunkel

“He is so used to putting everyone else first. It will be good for him to have time to put himself first for once.”

Friends, family and patients gathered last Friday at the Mount Storm Health Clinic to say a bittersweet farewell to Dr. Allan Kunkel.

At 83 years-old, Kunkel has become a celebrated resident of the community, with many in attendance referring to him as a “blessing for the Mount Storm community.”

Dr. Kunkel began practicing medicine in 1966 and comes from a long line of doctors, including his father, his two brothers and now his son, who works as a hematologist in Utah.


Passes drug testing policy, PHS principal approved to new board office position

Earlier this month, the Grant County Board of Education reversed a previous decision that had replaced the valedictorian and salutatorian recognitions with a more broad “Greek system.”

The move away from the valedictorian system occurred under a previous superintendent and has been a topic of debate in graduation season each year.

On June 11, the board revisited the topic and approved a motion to reinstate honoring valedictorians and salutatorians at the county’s high schools while also recognizing students for suma cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude (in the Greek system).

A very real publication

On June 10, Chief Deputy S. Wratchford of the Grant County Sheriff’s Department, observed a woman at the 7-Eleven in Petersburg acting “very suspicious.”

As the deputy watched, the woman exited the store and went across the street to McDonald’s where she attempted to hide in the bushes.

We'll put their names to the test
Randy Thorne of Golden Lanes with bowler Larry Walp and the sign that will now hang over the lane.

Golden Lanes Bowling Alley in Petersburg recently celebrated a rare perfect game, after local Larry Walp walked away from the lane with a score of 300.

Between his perfect game and the game before it, Walp bowled an impressive 20 strikes in a row to gain the achievement.

Walp is only the 11th person in 15 years to grab a perfect score at Golden Lanes.

In recognition for the accomplishment, Walp’s name will now hang above the lane he bowled in that night and he was awarded $300 from the alley.

Walp bowls in the men’s league and represents Vetter’s Mini-Mart. He has been bowling for more than 30 years and with an average score of 195.

Walp said that the deeper he got into the game, the more nervous he became, describing how he began to get shaky as he moved closer and closer to that perfect score.

Not the actual dog

Mitch Morris Allen
Mitch Morris Allen

Cabins postmaster, Mitch Morris Allen, 62, of Cabins was arrested for possession of methamphetamine following a traffic stop on June 5.

The arrest was the result of a routine defective equipment stop performed by Grant County Sheriff deputies L. Greenwalt and D. Lambert on Route 28 near the West Virginia Department of Highways shed.

After becoming suspicious, deputy Greenwalt deployed his K-9 partner, Dino, who then gave a positive indication on the driver’s side door. This indication led to a probable cause search of the vehicle.

The Grant County Commission responded to two citizens last week about ongoing questions concerning the appointment of the Grant County Clerk, attorney usage, voting in the county and commission transparency.
Commissioners Doug Swick and Jeff Berg were in attendance at the meeting, which was held on Jan. 22.
The first citizen to appear before the commission was Jane Kite Keeling, who came to express multiple concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a recording of a portion of the Grant County Commission meeting that was held on Dec. 22.
I generally record most of the public meetings I attend when a member of the community is set to speak or when an explanation of financials is on the agenda.
Generally, I do not record more mundane sections of these meetings as I am able to keep up with solely handwritten notes and often do not include quotes from general county/city/board business.
However, accuracy is very important to me, especially when it is a citizen there to speak - and this is often when I want to include as many quotes as possible to allow them to convey their message in their own words.
That being said, all the recordings are generally for my own use and had I known the complexity of this meeting, I absolutely would have recorded the meeting in its entirety, as opposed to starting at the first speaker.
Given the passionate tone this meeting took and the large amount of discussion and explanations that were presented during it, I feel it is best to make the recording available to our readers so they can review it themselves.
Listening to the meeting, as opposed to reading the words off the page (or screen) gives a much more accurate view of the tone of the meeting.

Prior to the first speaker on the recording (Alicia Reel, who is reporting the county finances through the county clerk’s office) the commission approved previous minutes, heard a simple budget request re Sandia Glasscock from the Health Department and spoke with JoAnn Harman about hiring an assistant librarian.

Approximate Time Stamps:

Alicia Reel speaks on the county budget until the 2:17:00 mark.
Jane Kite Keeling addresses the commission from 2:18:00 until 8:43:00
The commission (and later the County Clerk) responds to Keeling starting at 8:43:00
Jill Long addresses the commission at 17:42
The commission responds to Long at 20:00:00
Debbie Anderson speaks to the commission concern water clean-up at 29:30:00
The recording ends as Anderson finishes


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