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Even as Mineral County drops to red and Hampshire County drops to orange, an update by the West Virginia Department of Education on Monday showed Grant County remaining in the green.

The Covid-19 color system currently used by the state determines whether or not county schools are able to remain open and the current status of athletic events. As a green county, Grant is reporting less than a 3% positivity rate. Mineral, which fell to red, is reporting more than an 8% rate and was forced to move their schools fully online until the positive rate drops.

According to an update by the Grant County Health Department, the county reported five new cases on Sunday, with three of those being from the mountaintop area and one being a family member of another positive case. This brings the county’s overall positive case count to 214 with 188 recoveries. There are currently 13 active cases in the county.

The county has also reported 13 deaths associated with Covid-19, nine of which were listed as “Covid related.”

Sandria Glasscock, the county’s public information officer, urged anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid (loss of taste or smell, fever, cough, muscle aches, shortness of breath, headache or diarrhea) to self-quarantine until a test can be performed.

“Remain isolated from others until you receive your test result and are cleared to discontinue isolation,” Glasscock urged.

For information on testing, contact Grant Memorial Hospital at 304- 257-1026 and press 5 to speak with a nurse or call the Grove Street Health Center 304-257-2451.

The Grant County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and 911 office is raising the alarm about the current state of the county’s VHF (Very High Frequency) radio communication system.

According to Peggy Bobo-Alt, director of the Grant County OEM, portions of the county system have become outdated and are becoming “worn out.”

Alt appeared before the Grant County Commission on Oct. 27, to discuss the issue.

Petersburg mayor Gary Michael signed a resolution last week in recognition of National Hospice month, which runs through November.

The resolution recognized the work hospice providers do in the community for both their patients and their families.

Attending the signing were representatives from both Grant Memorial Home Care and Grant Memorial Hospice.

With a global pandemic restricting travel options and pushing for social distancing, one sector that has seen a renewed amount of public interest is the nation’s parks.
The great outdoors offers visitors the chance to get some fresh air and view the beauty of nature, all while staying safely away from crowded areas.
However, as visitation continues to rise, some popular areas are beginning to see concerning effects, including graffiti, damaged equipment and litter.

A second student at Petersburg High School has come forward with claims of sexual assault against former PHS social studies teacher Jonathan McNemar.

Principal charged in Grant County Magistrate Court for failing to report red flags

Additional criminal charges were filed last week as the investigation continues into the alleged sexual assault of a 17-year-old former student at Petersburg High School by former teacher Jonathan McNemar.

Paula Jo Weese, 60, of P.O. Box 1107, Petersburg, was charged last Friday with two counts of being an official required to report a case involving  a child known or suspected to be sexually assaulted or abused on school premises and knowingly failing to do so or knowingly preventing another person acting reasonably from doing so. 

Weese is currently the principal at PHS. 

The misdemeanor charges allege that in 2018, when Weese was vice principal at PHS, she was informed by both a teacher and a student of the allegation that McNemar had sexually assaulted an underage student in his classroom.

From Coach Jasper Hartman

“The Petersburg middle school  Vikings faced down the Moorefield Yellow Jackets earlier this month at the Viking Memorial Field in Petersburg.
When the smoke cleared after four quarters of two great defensive teams,  the Vikings came out on top 14-6.

Petersburg, WV

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