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24 Aug 2019 @ 04:00PM - 07:00PM - Annual Lawn Party
24 Aug 2019 @ 04:00PM - 06:00PM - Benefit Spaghetti Dinner
25 Aug 2019 @ 12:00AM - 85th Annual Alt & Kimble Reunion
31 Aug 2019 @ 05:00PM - 09:00PM - International Overdose Awareness Day

Delicious fresh produce
Paul Kuykendall bags up his family’s locally sourced vegetables for a customer at the Grant County Farmers Market in Petersburg. Kuykendall and his wife, Robin, not only participate as vendors at the market but also play an important role in organizing the bi-weekly event. The market is open Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to noon. For more information on the vendors or how to participate, contact them at 304-749-7964 or visit the Grant County Farmers Market Facebook page. More photos on page 4C.

Growers and farmers take on production, marketing and sales

A legal complaint filed against the Grant County Circuit Court and the Grant County Commission concerning the public’s access to files was dismissed last month; however, the complainant did get his $5 back.

The complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief was filed by Jay Lawrence Smith who, in his filings, referred to himself as a “freelance legal researcher and journalist” out of Charleston.

Following a lengthy drug investigation conducted by Sheriff B. Ours, James Clark Long, 42, of Petersburg was indicted for drug distribution.

During last week’s Grant County Commission meeting, Eastern Allegheny Council for Human Services (EACHS) Head Start discussed a plan to further increase student safety by linking their security system cameras to the Grant County 911 Center.

Gary Redman of the EACHS program appeared before the commission to address how best to move forward with the partnership between the local emergency management and 911 office and to request support from the commission to link the security systems.

The EACHS Head Start is a federally funded education program that operates in the region, serving approximately 267 children. The program focuses on providing support for low income families but serves a broad range of preschool age children. Redman explained that the program works closely with the schools in the area, including Grant County schools, but is a separate entity from any of the county systems.

Douglas J. Carter
Carter in front of the PVTA’s newly named J. Douglas Carter Operations Center.

After a recent decision from their board, the Potomac Valley Transit Authority is now officially operating out of the J. Douglas Carter Operations Center, located in Petersburg.

While the headquarters of the program has not moved, the agency decided to change the name of their existing building to honor long-time former directer, Carter.

“So much of what the program is now, is due to the hard work and dedication of J.,” explained current director, Doug Pixlar. “We wanted to recognize him for that and ensure we always keep those principles he stands for in our minds.”

Pixlar is the former executive director of the Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority in Martinsburg

Carter officially retired earlier this year after first beginning with the agency in 1977.

Pixlar explained that, under Carter’s leadership, the PVTA was able to expand its transportation options and open up new and often necessary routes to ensure local citizens could safely and reliably travel.

This is a goal that Pixlar has also expressed, with new routes recently announced including assisting those in need of travel to the Russ Hedrick Recovery and Resource Center.

This month, they also introduced a Petersburg Ready Ride Service, which allows individuals to schedule a ride with the service to take them nearly anywhere in their service area.

Pixlar explained that this service would play a key role in increasing transportation throughout the county.

The Grant County Commission responded to two citizens last week about ongoing questions concerning the appointment of the Grant County Clerk, attorney usage, voting in the county and commission transparency.
Commissioners Doug Swick and Jeff Berg were in attendance at the meeting, which was held on Jan. 22.
The first citizen to appear before the commission was Jane Kite Keeling, who came to express multiple concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a recording of a portion of the Grant County Commission meeting that was held on Dec. 22.
I generally record most of the public meetings I attend when a member of the community is set to speak or when an explanation of financials is on the agenda.
Generally, I do not record more mundane sections of these meetings as I am able to keep up with solely handwritten notes and often do not include quotes from general county/city/board business.
However, accuracy is very important to me, especially when it is a citizen there to speak - and this is often when I want to include as many quotes as possible to allow them to convey their message in their own words.
That being said, all the recordings are generally for my own use and had I known the complexity of this meeting, I absolutely would have recorded the meeting in its entirety, as opposed to starting at the first speaker.
Given the passionate tone this meeting took and the large amount of discussion and explanations that were presented during it, I feel it is best to make the recording available to our readers so they can review it themselves.
Listening to the meeting, as opposed to reading the words off the page (or screen) gives a much more accurate view of the tone of the meeting.

Prior to the first speaker on the recording (Alicia Reel, who is reporting the county finances through the county clerk’s office) the commission approved previous minutes, heard a simple budget request re Sandia Glasscock from the Health Department and spoke with JoAnn Harman about hiring an assistant librarian.

Approximate Time Stamps:

Alicia Reel speaks on the county budget until the 2:17:00 mark.
Jane Kite Keeling addresses the commission from 2:18:00 until 8:43:00
The commission (and later the County Clerk) responds to Keeling starting at 8:43:00
Jill Long addresses the commission at 17:42
The commission responds to Long at 20:00:00
Debbie Anderson speaks to the commission concern water clean-up at 29:30:00
The recording ends as Anderson finishes


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