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Grant County Ambulance director Jeffrey Teter appeared before the Grant County Com- mission last week to provide an update to the county on ambulance operations.

According to Teter, calls went up during the last month by 16. Of these, all ran through the Petersburg location with no current increase in calls at the Mount Storm location. Of this increase, nine calls were transports.

“Transports is the big thing I wanted to hit on really quick,” Teter said. “We went up nine transports last month, that said, we are already up to 12 with scheduled and HealthTeam calls. We have taken three already from the hospital back home in county.”

Teter said the number of requested transports is continuing to climb, with three scheduled each week at a minimum.

“I’m not 100% sure why they are increasing like that, but they are,” Teter said. “It’s getting busy.”

 South Side Studios, the new art galleries located on the second fl oor of the South Side Depot in Petersburg, is having their offi cial grand opening this weekend, as they invite the community to come out and explore the beautiful art Grant County has to offer.

The approximately 1.4 mile Art Walk is set to begin this Saturday at 1 p.m. and will include artists, businesses and activities from all over the city. 

Locations that will be featured include:

• Beginning at Judy’s Drug Store (24 North Main St.) - to feature the mural “Pollination” by Kelson Thorne and include a mural and butterfly art activity.

• Next, to The Landes Arts Center (20 Mountain View St.) - to feature an exhibit of local artist Robert Nelson.

 First responders from Petersburg, Maysville, Upper Tract and members from West Virginia State Forestry Service joined forces to handle a brush fire that was related to a hay baler that caught fire. 

When the Petersburg Volunteer Fire Company arrived on the scene at approximately 3 p.m. on Sunday. It was determined that the fire had spread and was getting close to a structure.

Maysville Volunteer Fire Company and the Upper Tract Volunteer Fire Department were alerted and quickly arrived at the scene.

 A Maysville man charged with stealing thousands of dollars worth of musical instruments and selling them at a Keyser Pawn shop for $20 each has been indicted by a Grant County Grand Jury for grand larceny.

The indictment stems from an incident in March, when the alleged victim called to report that Mack R. Crawford, 35, of 84 Gabes Beagle Ln., Maysville, had stolen six guitars from him, including two Rogue Madeleines, two Remo Weather King/Odessa banjoes, one Rogue Dobro Guitar and one Johnson electric guitar.

According to the police report filed on the incident, the caller reported that Crawford had taken the instruments a week before and that he had purchased the instruments 20 years ago, each costing approximately $500 at the time of purchase. The victim told officers that the instruments were in “decent condition” and had been locked in their cases in his room of the shared residence.

The victim told officers that Crawford had taken the instruments to J&S Pawn and Gun Shop in Keyser, where he sold them for $115, equaling out at less than $20 per instrument.

The store later confirmed that Crawford had brought the instruments to the shop and provided officers with a receipt totaling approximately $115 pending interest for each day they were there. As of the time of his arrest, the interest total for the instruments was $143.

According to the report, Crawford admitted to taking the instruments and pawning them. He told officers he “needed the money in order to purchase a hotel room to stay in” and told police that he had taken the instruments and then told the victim after he had already went to the pawn shop. 

Other indictments returned last week by the Grant County Grand Jury included: 

Elizabeth Lafollette, 29, of 166 Dusty Apple Ln., Maysville, was indicted on one count of battery of a law enforcement officer and one count of battery of an emergency medical service (EMS) worker.

Lafollette’s indictment stems from an incident in April, when she was allegedly seen yelling and exposing herself to passersby on Virginia Avenue in Petersburg.

 The West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDA) is urging landowners to sign up for the Cooperative State-County- Landowner (CSCL) Lymantria dispar (spongy moth) Suppression Program.

The program is focused on protecting the landowners’ forested acreage from devastating effects caused by the invasive Lymantria dispar.

The sign-up period runs from July 1 until August 31, 2024. 

“West Virginia’s forests are one of our state’s most important resources. From tourism to our timber industry, our forests are an important economic driver,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt. “As we face more invasive species, such as the spotted lanternfly, we hope people will take advantage of programs like these.”

 Three West Virginia residents have admitted to their roles in an organization that was supplying large amounts of methamphetamine, fentanyl, and cocaine to North Central West Virginia. 

Jordan Spadafore, 33, of Morgantown; Stephanie Miller, 47, of Charleston; and Olivia Gibson, 21, of Ona, pled guilty this week to federal drug charges. 

 The Petersburg City Council approved multiple building requests last week, including one for a local business that recently was approved for a zoning change.

The zoning discussions were held last month, when the Petersburg City Zoning Board approved back-to-back zoning changes for two local businesses.

On June 18, the zoning board met first with Matt Dolly, the owner of Water’s Edge Outfitters, located on Hicks Drive in Petersburg.

Water’s Edge Outfitters is situated on the South Branch of the Potomac River and offers rentals for water recreation equipment, as well as a parking and shuttle service.

Dolly’s land is currently zoned a OS Conservation District and he appeared before the board requesting a variance that would allow him to operate a private campground on the property. This is the second zoning discussion about the possibility of operating a glampground (a luxury campground) on the property in the past several years. The previous request was denied following a heated public meeting. However, Dolly has since purchased the property and built a successful water recreation business.

Dolly said that over the past few years, he has noticed that many visitors to his business travel from nearby areas to enjoy Grant County’s water recreation. He said that many of them have expressed the desire to be able to stay the night in the area at a campground.

“But, with the modern clientele we have, especially since Covid, they are looking for some more amenities,” Dolly said. “That is where we came up with the idea for the canvas yurts. We would like to do about 12 yurts, which would keep it secluded and private, kind of boutique.”

Dolly said the campground would also offer long-term rental RV sites; however, the yurts would operate seasonally and will likely close down each year before the start of winter.

 Domestic violence is one of the most common violent crimes that passes through Grant County’s court system.

Over the past few months, one dangerous charge that has been appearing multiple times is strangulation. This is charged anytime a person “strangles, suffocates or asphyxiates another without that person’s consent and thereby causes the other person bodily harm or loss of consciousness.”

One of the more recent charges stem from an incident on June 14, when officers with the Grant County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to a dispute at Shobes Trailer Drive in Petersburg.

By Greg Jordan Bluefield

Daily Telegraph

Sixty years ago, a tour boat carrying two million- aires, a farm girl, a movie star, a professor, the boat’s captain and his first mate ran into a storm and ended up on a tropical island that’s now as iconic as the starship Enterprise and a king’s Iron Throne.

On Sept. 26, 1964, a show called “Gilligan’s Island” premiered on television. The show ran until 1967 and continued to live on in syndication, TV movies and even cartoon shows.

This year is the show’s 60th anniversary, so Dreama Denver of Princeton, wife of the show’s late star Bob Denver [Gilligan], is hosting a beach party luau July 19 at Bowen Field in Bluefield to celebrate 60 years of Gilligan, Mary Ann, Ginger, Mr. and Mrs. Howell, the Professor and the Skipper.

Gates at Bowen Field will open at 5 p.m. that day. A Ridge Runners baseball game will start at 6 p.m.

“It’s really great,” Dreama Denver said about the upcoming celebration. “It occurred to me when 2024 happened. I did the math in my head and said, ‘Oh wow! It’s been 60 years and that’s a big deal.’”

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