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We'll put their names to the test
Randy Thorne of Golden Lanes with bowler Larry Walp and the sign that will now hang over the lane.

Golden Lanes Bowling Alley in Petersburg recently celebrated a rare perfect game, after local Larry Walp walked away from the lane with a score of 300.

Between his perfect game and the game before it, Walp bowled an impressive 20 strikes in a row to gain the achievement.

Walp is only the 11th person in 15 years to grab a perfect score at Golden Lanes.

In recognition for the accomplishment, Walp’s name will now hang above the lane he bowled in that night and he was awarded $300 from the alley.

Walp bowls in the men’s league and represents Vetter’s Mini-Mart. He has been bowling for more than 30 years and with an average score of 195.

Walp said that the deeper he got into the game, the more nervous he became, describing how he began to get shaky as he moved closer and closer to that perfect score.

Not the actual dog

Mitch Morris Allen
Mitch Morris Allen

Cabins postmaster, Mitch Morris Allen, 62, of Cabins was arrested for possession of methamphetamine following a traffic stop on June 5.

The arrest was the result of a routine defective equipment stop performed by Grant County Sheriff deputies L. Greenwalt and D. Lambert on Route 28 near the West Virginia Department of Highways shed.

After becoming suspicious, deputy Greenwalt deployed his K-9 partner, Dino, who then gave a positive indication on the driver’s side door. This indication led to a probable cause search of the vehicle.

Miss gun bullets

A Martinsburg woman was arresed last month when officers discovered drugs and firearms in a Grant County traffic stop.

In their June meeting, the Petersburg City Council addressed multiple questions they had received concerning the curbside updates being performed around the city. The council explained that the current construction being done on sidewalk ramps in Petersburg is being performed by the state and not city maintenance. The council said they had heard a great deal of confusion on the topic.

Late last month, a new partnership was announced between the Potomac Highlands Guild and Pilgrim’s Pride aimed at providing health and wellness coaching services to employees. The partnership is meant to emphasize employee wellness and has been captioned “The opposite of Addiction is Wellness.” The effort will include prevention and health work from PHG.

The partnership was one of several announced late last month at the local PITAR community program meeting in Petersburg.

Other partnerships pointed to in the meeting included a decision from the Potomac Valley Transit to add an additional route to the Russ Hedrick Recovery and Resource Center and with the Right From the Start Program to provide prevention and recovery programs to pregnant and postpartum women.


Additional information from the Tigers on the work being done at UEC

In the May 14 meeting of the Grant County Board of Education, an update was given on the county’s goal to improve school safety and overall facility maintenance.

In this update, the board was informed of multiple facility improvements, including updated lighting and plumbing.

These improvements also covered specific school safety efforts, such as security cameras.

County school facility and maintenance director, Brent Nelson, said the cameras would be purchased from Petersburg Electronics and would have a direct connection to the Grant County Office of Emergency Management and 911 office.

The cameras are being funded through money provided by the Grant County Commission and a recent grant award.

Board member Janie Berg, who has been a strong advocate for increased attention on school safety, pressed the importance of the cameras being consistently used.

Mail Fraud

Earlier this month, Sandra Mae Evans, 62, of Petersburg, pleaded guilty to mail fraud in a federal court. In total, Evans withdrew more than $70,000 from a fraudulant check, including sending $29,000 to people in other states.

The continuing question of transparency topped the agenda for last week’s county commission meeting.

The commission met with citizen Jill Long, who questioned the commission concerning the multiple small government committees throughout the county.

Long said that she emailed county manager, Michelle Sites, requesting a list of all these committees and contact information for members on them.

William Chad White, 36, of Petersburg was arrested on drug distribution charges in Grant County.

These charges stem from a lengthy undercover investigation conducted by Grant County Sheriff B.W. Ours and Deputy S. Wratchford.

During the course of the investigation, several illegal drug purchases were made involving White.

At the conclusion of the investigation, arrest warrants were obtained on White for four counts of delivering methamphetamine and one count of conspiracy to deliver hydrocodone.

White was arraigned by Magistrate Feaster and his bond was set at $95,000.

If convicted, White could face up to 25 years in prison and a fine of $70,000.

Viking urine

Grant County Board of Education asks for community input on the changing face of school policy

On May 14, the Grant County Board of Education was presented a new policy for first reading by county superintendent, Doug Lambert.

“The purpose of this drug testing program is not intended to punish student athletes but instead, help them and deter drug and alcohol abuse among the general student population,” the new policy states.

The policy, which would be enforced throughout the county, is targeted towards preventing drug use for student athletes.

According to the policy, “all students who participate in school-sponsored interscholastic athletics must agree to participate in the Student Athlete Drug Testing program.”

Help me help all of us

As a freshman in the West Virginia House of Delegates, John Paul Hott entered the state legislature to a record breaking session in which more than 2,000 bills were reviewed. It was a session defined by the controversial education omnibus bill that sent teachers all over the state on strike and marred by an uncharacteristic speed, with many lawmakers receiving drafts of bills to be voted on only hours, or even minutes, before going to the floor. 

Hott, who has served in multiple positions in his career, including sitting on the Petersburg City Council prior to running for the state office, said nothing could have prepared him for what awaited at the capital. He was elected last November to represent District 54, which includes all of Grant and portions of Pendleton and Mineral counties.

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